Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Clever Raven

This is my first go at writing a kids story. I did it specifically to share it with he bedtime story community. Hope they enjoy it.

Rusty the raven lived in a tree high above a motorway rest station. Rusty was not very fond of the cars and trucks that vroomed up and down the road all the time but he was very fond of all the food people left lying around the place.

Another thing that Rusty was not fond of was being called a crow. He was a raven, there was a very big difference. Ok; crows were black as well but a dull dirty black not like his shiny feathers. Crows were bigger than ravens, but most importantly crows were bullies. Like most bullies, crows were not very smart. The crows wanted all the food for themselves and would chase off ravens and even other crows. Crows never shared. The nastiest of the crows was Kenney who lived in a tree on the far side of the station.

Rusty had tried to make friends with Kenney and the crows when he first moved to the station but they would not talk to him. One day Rusty had found a particularly tasty treat, the bun from a burger. He was just about to take a bite when Kenny swooped in and grabbed the bun. "Hay, that was mine," said Rusty.
"It's mine now said Kenney," starting to rip the bun up with his sharp beak.
"There is plenty for both of us, why don't we share it," said Rusty leaning over to take a little bite. Kenney snapped at Rusty, giving him a nasty pinch on the wing.
"Ouch," said Rusty but Kenney only laughed and pinched him on the other wing. Since that day Kenney was always mean to Rusty when ever they would meet.

One day Rusty was flying around when he got a delicious smell coming from a dustbin. As he fluttered around the bin the smell got stronger, it was salty and buttery. Rusty hopped up on the edge of the bin and looked inside. Right down the bottom was a whole pile of buttered popcorn, Rusty's favourite. But there was a problem, the popcorn was far out of reach. Rusty could not go into the bin or he would be trapped. For ages Rusty twisted his head this way then that while he considered the problem. High in the tree above him Kenney the crow began laughing at him saying that he was a stupid bird, he would never be able to reach the popcorn.Rusty was not quick to give up but it was getting late so he decided to sleep on the problem.

In the morning Rusty had an idea and flew over to the bin. In the bottom the popcorn was still waiting for him. Rusty leaned down and using his beak he grabbed the plastic bin liner pulling it up. The popcorn came closer but still out of reach. Rusty let the liner drop back down. Kenney had been watching and thought that this was all very funny. He cawed and cawed in the trees making Rusty feel very bad. Rusty pulled up the bin liner again this time he used one claw to pin the raised liner against the bin. When he let go the pop corn stayed closer than it had been. Rusty reached down again grasping the liner, pulling it closer still. Working like this he rolled the liner higher and higher until he could reach the popcorn. Above him in the trees Kenney was silent and fuming that Rusty had figured a way of getting the popcorn out of the bin.

Rusty at last picked up a piece but now he had another problem. The corn was too big to eat in one go, he needed his claw to help break it up. Rusty had no option but to hop off the edge of the bin. As soon as he did the liner fell all the way to the bottom again taking the popcorn with it. Kenney began his cawing again. "All that work for one piece of popcorn, your a fool Rusty," said Kenney.

Rusty enjoyed the popcorn but he had to admit that Kenney was right, it was far too much work for one piece of corn. The next time Rusty hopped up on the bin he had the knack of hauling up the liner while holding it with his feet. This time, when he got the popcorn in reach he tossed several pieces over his shoulder onto the ground. Rusty turned around but Kenney had flown from his tree and was eating all the corn. Rusty was furious and flew away in a temper to try and figure a solution.

The next morning Kenney was surprised when there was no sign of Rusty. It was a few hours before he heard the flapping of many wings in the sky. Kenney looked up and saw Rusty coming with nine other ravens. Rusty landed on the rim of the bin while all the others landed on the ground. Kenney was puzzled, "What was that silly little bird doing now?" he wondered. Once again Rusty rolled up the bin liner and began throwing out the popcorn. This time Kenney did not get any as Rusty was throwing it to the other ravens. When Rusty was tired he hopped off the edge of the bin onto the ground.

Kenney was laughing his harsh laugh again "Rusty your are the silliest bird in the whole world, This time you did all the work and got no popcorn at all."

"Is that so?" said Rusty with a smile. Just then, one of the other ravens having seen how rusty rolled up the liner, hopped on the edge of the bin and got to work. Soon popcorn was flying out of the bin. The ravens quickly gobbled up the corn. Kenney tried to join the feeding birds but as soon as he did the raven on the edge of the bin stopped throwing the popcorn out. At last Kenney gave up and flew up into the trees to watch the ravens eat their fill. They all took turns to do the work on the edge of the bin.

When he was full to bursting Rusty called up to Kenney sitting high and hungry above them "You see Kenney, sometimes it is better to share a little, you could end up getting much more in return." All the ravens flew away to there nests full and happy.

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