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Blog Hopping

Hello everyone. The wonderful Teagan Kearney has invited me to take part in a blog hop. Don't go racing off for your gym gear just yet, it's not as energetic as it first sounds. This wonderful idea allows us to share bloggers we enjoy reading. As part of it I have to answer a few questions but I will try and keep that bit short.

To begin with, I would like to thank the lady who was so kind as to include me in her nominations
Teagean Kearney. -

Teagan is a writer of mainstream fiction but her blog is a constant source of helpful advice and tips for aspiring authors. I have always found Teagan to be wonderful at interacting with bloggers and writers she encounters on her journey through G+. Her posts are crafted to perfection and an inspiration to read

The Famous Four

Before I share the four bloggers I am tagging in this Blog Hop, I want to cheat a little bit. I want to name check a few people that could, and should, be included here if only I were allowed.

Mr A Long - the undisputed master of verse. He would have been first on my list except for the fact he has already been tagged by someone else. Mr Glendon Perkins who has some of the best storytelling on the web if you ask me but has taken a step away from his blog to concentrate on more intensive projects.

Other people that are so worth checking out are Jess Bell, Ben Roach, Francine Hirst, M.Macca, Amy Glamos, Doug Phillips, Tammy Knott and Peter Noah Thomas (Only the tip of a huge iceberg of wonderful people I have come across on G+ in the last eight months) I would have loved to tag you all.

Drum Roll Please.....

Mr M.A Barr 

It has always amazed me how he can get so much happening into just a hundred words. His post swing from humour to horror but always ring completely true. Everytime I open one of his posts I closed it richer than I began.

Ms Karie Thoma

Karie from near New York, USA, was one of the very first people to welcome me to G+ and interact with me on my blog. Along with AJ and Glendon, Karie did more to encourage me to keep blogging than anyone else. I have read with interest as Karie experimented with different styles, moving from writing about her childhood, through fiction and recently onto some fantastic poems. Not all of her work goes on her blog, she is kind enough to share some directly onto G+ but to me that is the same thing.

Ms Grace Jolliffe

Grace is a lady which seems to have boundless energy. She is not only a published author but she shares kids stories about a fictional Irish village called Ballyyhoo as well as fantastic photos of the west coast of Ireland. You could find Grace blogging about nearly anything, from writing to reed weaving. She is truly a woman of many talents.

Mrs Jo Robinson

Jo is all the way from the beautiful South Africa, or just round the corner in Google Terms. Jo is a writer of Sci-fi/ fantasy as well as Mainstream literature.  I first came across Jo on the community Readers Meet Authors and Bloggers. of which Jo is the owner. Unlike many communities Jo actively engauges with people who are members, giving advice and help to those of us just getting started. Since that first meeting Jo has been a constant joy to read, bringing the heat of the African nation into my life on a regular basis.

A Bit About Me.

As part of the blog hop there are four questions to be answered about my writing, here we go.

What are you working on?
The main challenge I have set myself at the moment is a longer story. I wanted to see how long I can keep a good plot going. I know most of these are stuffed away in hard drives but being a bit foolish I decided to do my first attempt in public and in real time writing. It is called Honeysuckle Lane and I have up to chapter 15 on the blog to date. Other than that - a pirate story for Lucie and the gang is coming along.

How does your work differ from others in the Genre?
I am not sure I have a genre. I don't think of myself as a writer or an author. I hope I am a story teller. People tell them to me, I tell them to you, sometimes I make them up. If you get a fraction of the enjoyment from reading them as I get from writing them I will die a happy man.

Why do you write what you write?
Since I was a kid I loved stories and making up stories. I was about eight, I wrote a story for my English homework about a spy, stuck on a mountain, in a snow storm. I though it was great. I remember how upset I was with the teacher when all she wanted to talk about was the spelling mistakes. "But did you read the story?" I kept asking her. I still write for the very same reason, I love it.

How does your writing process work?
It might be a photo, a word, a casual remark or something I see. A tiny speck that seems to get sucked into my brain for some unknown reason. Once there I run it round and round, twisting and turning it until I can see the start middle and end of the story in big blocks.

After that I just sit at the keyboard and lit it fly. I don't worry about structure, spelling or anything. Then I leave it sit. When I have forgotten what I wanted to write I go back and read it. Mostly I change nearly everything. I might do this a few times. The last time I change the font the size and background, then read it again. This time I will notice more things that need changing. The last time I read it out loud like I am on stage. I will find more that need changing. At some point you have to press the print button. Hope to God and let it fly.

So, there you have it. I want thank everyone that has ever read one of my stories. Hug's to all that have taken the time to leave a plus, letting me know you have been for a visit. My eternal gratitude is laid before the special people who have taken the time to type a few kind words in reply. 

Yours sincerely

Squid McFinnigan 

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