Sunday, 1 September 2013

Monday Joke Time

One day Jim was passing the state psychiatric hospital. There must have been an accident as a section of the wall had been knocked down and was being reconstructed. A timber fence had been put up while the work was going on. From behind the fence came chant of many voices, low like a voodoo spell.

"thirteen, thirteen, thirteen, thirteen...."

Jim was a inquisitive fellow who just had to see what was going on. In the fence was an empty knot hole so he took a peek. As he rested his head against the fence a finger poked him straight in the eyeball.

Jim howled in pain, behind the fence bedlam broke out. Cheering and laughing of hundreds of people. After a bit the noise behind the fence died down. Jim was walking away clutching his eye when chant began again.

"fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, ..."