Saturday, 5 October 2013


Hello friend, I hope I find you in good form today.

Did you ever have a moment that sneaks up and takes you by surprise, a moment not unlike any other but it resonates for reasons difficult to identify at the time? Earlier today I had such a moment and it took me quiet some time to figure out why it was bothering me.

On the surface it was the most ordinary of ordinary events. I was working in the bar, a man came in for a drink, he sat at the counter, opened his newspaper, ordered a pint, which he proceeded to drink while flicking through the days events. He had a second pint, finished the paper and left all within the space of 40 minutes.

Ok you say, "What about it,". It was a quiet day for a Saturday so I tried to take in his essence and here is what struck me. He was a glutton. The first pint was finished in 3 or 4 long swallows, his Adams apple bouncing as he gulped down the tasty dark beer. He flicked page after page on he paper, his eyes skimming the words someone, somewhere had worked so hard to craft into an interesting tale. What was this man getting out of all this. Was he actually tasting the beer he drank, did he get pleasure from the time he was spending on the paper. It is the question that has vexed me for the rest of the day.

I got to thinking about the nature of how we live, how I live. In the end I came to the conclusion that I, like a lot of others, was living my life without wringing the full measure out of my experiences. Not big things like seeing the Grand Canyon but smaller experiences like a lazy Saturday afternoon pint and a paper.

For some reason the image of a huge humpback whale rising from the depths appeared in my mind. The beast gulping in tonnes of krill and seawater, gushing it between enormous baleen curtains before ingesting the lot. Ask that whale to describe the subtle flavours of a krill and I am sure you will get no answer. I feel I am this whale hovering up daily experiences, racing to get more and missing out on so much in the process.

I have more than enough money but strive to make more wealth, to what end?

I have not been hungry in years but have trouble describing to you the flavour of my last meal.

I am not thirsty but still I go out to take a drink.

I surround myself with people but do I take the time to really enjoy them?

My hours pass in constant activity but rarely do I take the opportunity to fully appreciate what I am doing.

So there you have it, my little epiphany. The question is what to do about it. Am I going to embark on a  radical life changing course of action? I am not. Am I going to do anything about this situation? Yes I am.

My next meal I am going wait until I am truly hungry, then I am going to eat a very small meal, very slowly, trying to savour each flavour.

When I next read, I am going to take my time over the words, give them the attention they deserve, paint the picture the author wanted to convey in my mind.

In my next conversation I am going to stop and give all my time and attention to the person, take in all they have to give, delve deep into them and extract all I can from it.

I am going to go to bed after a hard days work, in my dry safe house and wish for no more.

I am going to enjoy my little blogging hobby where I can share my thoughts and tails with one person. To make that single connection and rejoice in it. To share with them and learn from them.

Today you are that connection and I am delighted I was you. There you have it, a tiny window into my day. I hope I have not bored you too badly and hope you will take the time to let me know what has been happening with you. It has been lovely talking to you today, I wish you all the best and look forward to meeting up again real soon.



kim hodges said...

you have made me very happy right now at 8:06 pm. I needed to find this and start re-applying it to my like as i have strayed away from the important things once again. so thank you.

squid mc finnigan said...

You are too kind Kim, I am so glad to have been able to connect with you and believe me I know the feeling, well every time we stray from the path we just have to get back on it, the path is the journey not the destination.
:) ps So glad you like Glendon's work as well, he is a wonderful writer

Philo Yan said...

Indeed an epiphany. Being grateful and thankful and be in the moment. That is the truest sense of living rather than doing.

May you continue to enjoy the many wondrous moments that are the simple pleasures
in life!

squid mc finnigan said...

Thanks Philo wise words indeed

Lady Butterfly said...

Eye-opening and heartfelt post, Squid. To be able to put things in to perspective and to live in the moment is a gift. To be able to put this gift in to words the way you have is a talent. Loved this.

squid mc finnigan said...

Thanks Karie, I must say i loved your Muppet Post, one of my favourite tv shows ever, it is amazing you got so much out of it.