Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Help, I'm locked in.

One day while working at reception I got a call from an elderly American lady.

"Good morning, reception, how can I help you" I said on picking up the phone.

"This is Mrs Bally in room 214 and I am locked into my bedroom, please get someone to let me out," said the irate woman. I happened to be by myself at the time and it was impossible for someone to lock themselves in so I thought I would see if I could talk her out.

"Sure thing Mrs Bally someone will be straight up but before you hang up the phone are you sure that it is not just a bit stiff," I asked.

"I am completely sure, I have been twisting and tugging at the door for the last ten minutes, it is definitely locked," she said tetchily. Just then it struck me that 214 was joined to 215 by an interconnecting door which would indeed have been locked.

"How many doors are in the room Mrs Bally," I asked.

"Three," she said.

"Have you tried the other doors," I asked.

"What do you take me for, the bathroom is behind the other door," she said.

"What about the third door Mrs Bally have you tried that one," I asked.

"Of course not, there is a 'Do not disturb' sign on it" she said. Once I got my laughter under control, I successfully talked Mrs Bally out of her self imposed imprisonment.


A Long said...

Sounds like your amazing grasp of logistical control served you, and her, quite well!

squid mc finnigan said...

I could not actually believed it happened at the time, people and rules!!!!

Tim Williams said...

This is hilarious! At least Mrs. Bally has good manners and didn't want to disturb...

squid mc finnigan said...

So Glad you liked it Tim. A smile a day is the only way :)

Luna Lablue said...

I love this story. I work as a medical receptionist and get all kinds of good stories like this...it's my favorite part of the job!

squid mc finnigan said...

Would love to read a few Luna if you get a chance to write them down, Make sure to send them on to me. Glad you like this one. :)