Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Trainee Fairies

In the forests of Ireland there are lots and lots of magic creatures, the loveliest of which are the fairies. They have wonderful shimmering clothes and fantastic wings which twinkle with all the colours of the rainbow. The funny thing about Irish Forest Fairies is that they are not born with their wings they have to grow into them. Fairies with no wings are called Trainee Fairies. This is the story of two super cute trainee fairies called Daisy and Darcy.

Daisy and Darcy are sisters with Darcy being a couple of years older. They are the very best of friends and are always having adventures. One day the sisters were wandering through a sunny glade using bluebell flowers as sun umbrellas, a bird flew over their heads twittering a cheery song.

"Look at how fast he is Daisy," said Darcy admiring the way the little bird swooped through the air.
"I can't wait until we get our wings and we can fly just like that," said Daisy. The trainee fairies watched the bird until it vanished behind a fluffy white cloud.
"When do you think we will get our wings?" asked Daisy.
"Not for a long time yet," said Darcy sadly.
"I wish there was some way I could fly now," said Daisy with a little tear in the corner of her eye. Darcy never liked seeing her little sister sad, so she searched her brain.
"I have and idea," said Darcy taking Daisy by the hand and running back to the fairy village hidden at the base of a moss covered oak tree in the very middle of the forest.

The two trainee fairies worked hard all morning and when they were finished they had built a huge kite, bigger even than Darcy. The kite had a long string and a tail with lots and lots of coloured ribbons that would flutter in the wind.
"Are you sure this will work?" asked Daisy looking worried.
"It is sure to work with the help of Pimple," said Darcy dancing a gig of delight. Pimple was a brown rabbit with black ears that loved playing with the two young fairies. They gathered up the kite and ran off in search of the friendly bunny. They found Pimple sitting in a field chewing sweet summer clover.

"Hello Darcy, Hello Daisy," said Pimple through a mouthful of clover wagging his fluffy white tail with delight.
"Hi Pimple, we have been looking for you everywhere," said Daisy.
"You should have started here in that case," said Pimple twitching his whiskers. "This meadow has the best clover in the whole forest."
"Look what we have," said Darcy showing Pimple the kite they had made.
"Oh my, that's a huge kite for such tiny fairies."
"We know, that is why we need your help to get it up in the air." Pimple was delighted to help his favourite fairies and agreed immediately. Soon they had the string unrolled and Daisy was holding the kite firmly in her hands.
"Okay Daisy,  I'll climb on Pimples back and hold the end of the string. You run as fast as you can and remember what ever happens don't let go."

"Are you ready?" shouted Darcy when she was sitting on Pimple's back.
"Ready," said Daisy giving a thumbs up for good measure. Pimple ran across the grass as fast as lightening and the kite shot high into the sky carrying a giggling Daisy with it.
"She's flying," cried Darcy in delight as the kite went higher and higher. Pimple wanted to see too so he looked over his shoulder, that was a mistake. Pimple didn't see the rock and stubbed his foot causing Darcy to loose hold of the string.

"Daisy," cried Darcy and the kite flew away on the breeze deeper into the forest. "Quick Pimple we have to follow her," said Darcy jumping on the bunny's back once more, racing after the kite. It wasn't long before the wind died down and the kite glided lower. Darcy and Pimple lost sight of it in the trees. They searched and searched for Daisy and the kite but couldn't find her anywhere. Darcy was so very worried she began to cry.
"Don't cry, Darcy. Wait here, I'll go get some help," said Pimple hopping away into the bushes. A few minutes later Pimple was back but he wasn't alone. From all corners of the forest birds and woodland creatures began to gather. Pimple explained what had happened and everyone split up to search for Daisy.

It only took ten minutes for a sparrow to find Daisy stuck high in a Ash tree still holding on the the kite. Everyone gathered at the base of the tree. The birds could fly up to Daisy but had no hands to carry her to the ground. They needed a plan. It was a wise old owl that suggested making a big pile of leaves so Daisy could drop into them. All the birds in the forest began collecting leaves and dropping them at the base of the Ash tree. Soon the pile of leaves was much higher than both Pimple and Darcy combined.

"Jump Daisy," shouted Darcy.
"It's too far," cried Daisy.
"You'll be fine, trust me."
 Daisy closed her eyes and let her little fingers uncurl. She dropped to the ground sending a fountain of leaves up into the air.
"Are you okay," said Darcy digging through the leaves trying to find her sister. That was when Daisy's head popped up looking delighted.
"That was great, lets do it again," said Daisy hugging her sister. The two trainee fairies rolled around in the leaves giggling with laughter while all the birds sang songs of delight.

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