Friday, 1 August 2014

Super Snoozey Sleepy Juice

I just had to tell you this story, sorry Carla.

I know this lovely lady called Carla. She is a classy lady in every way. Her dress sense is immaculate, she is the epitome of refinement. Thankfully she is also gifted with a lively sense of humor and an honest way of looking at the world. While we know each other and get on quiet well, I would be a little rough around the edges for her. I often find myself pushing her buttons just for the hell of it.

It turns out that Carla had to go into hospital for a little procedure, nothing serous thank God, but she needed to go under anesthetic non the less. Having never been operated on before, the surgeon came to explain what was going to happen. He was a nice man and made Carla very comfortable with the procedure. It was at this stage he told her that they were going to use gas to put her under.

"Have you ever had gas before Carla?" he asked. She had to say it was her first time.
"There is nothing to worry about, I like to call it super snoozey sleepy juice," he said with a giggle. "It can can give you some very, very vivid dreams so try and think about something pleasant as you drift off."

The surgeon went on his way as the orderlies got Carla ready for theater. When she was wheeled in, Carla was concentrating on a cruise she had booked.   "Cruising, cruising, cruising, she repeated over and over again in her mind. While the operating team were preparing, the anesthesiologist appeared pulling a kart full of tubes and masks. She was a lovely young girl, and even though she was all gowned and masked, Carla could see by her eyes, she was smiling. A wisp of red hear peeped from under her surgical cap and a sea of freckles broke on her nose.
"Hello Carla, how are you today?"
"Very well, thank you." Cruising, cruising cruising she repeated in her mind.
"Is it your first time for gas?"
"Super snoozey sleepy juice," said Carla which made the girl laugh out loud.
"I guess that is about right," she said pulling tubes around Carla's head and taking a fresh mask from a plastic packet. Cruising cruising cruising Carla thought again.
"So where do you work," asked the girl. God NO! thought Carla, the last thing she wanted to be thinking about was work so instead she told her the name of the little village where she lived and hoped the girl would leave it drop. Cruising cruising cruising.

The anesthesiologist popped the mask over Carla's face and the gas began flowing. Cruising cruising cruising. Just as Carla felt her eye lids grow heavy the girl said "That's a lovely village, you must know Squid McFinnigan?"

"Cruising, Cruising SQUID....zzzzzzzzzz"

Carla didn't tell me what kind of dreams she had, but by the blush on her cheeks I imagine they were very vivid indeed.

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