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Honeysuckle Lane - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“You don’t look happy to see me, why is that,” said Harry walking up the driveway. Frank felt his bowels go a little liquidly. All of a sudden he felt light headed and sick.

“I was coming to meet you Harry honest I was,” Frank said.

“I must not have been clear enough the last time we talked. I was sure I said pay something every week or I was coming to collect. Guess what Frank, I am here to collect,” Harry said stopping close to Frank pushing his hands in his pockets. He looked around like he was a bit bored.

“I don’t have it yet” Frank said.

“You have something though,” Harry said matter-of-factly. Frank dipped into his back pocket taking out his wallet. Harry shook his head “Not here where the world and his dog can see, get in the car.” Frank clicked the key making the car chirp and flash. Harry walked round the passenger side and got in. Frank took a few moments to get his lies straight in his head before doing the same.

“You must take me for a right mug Frank. Did you think you were the invisible man or what. I could have been here last Monday you fuckwit,” snarled Harry.

“I swear to god if I had the money I would have paid you off already. I’m broke, flat busted,” reasoned Frank.

“I couldn’t give a shit. You borrowed money from me, you gambled that money and you lost that money,” each ‘you’ was hammered home with a steely tone. Frank knew it was true but what could he do about it.

“Look Harry you got your money back and more, you’re not out a penny. I can’t pay you what I don’t have,” Frank said. Harry shook his head and opened the glove box rummaging through the insurance papers and cd’s like he was shopping.

“You are going to pay Frank and that is a fact. It might take a year, ten years, your whole fucking life but I will get what is due to me. If you even think about doing anything stupid like going to the cops or god forbid legging it, then your family will pay” Harry said with menace.

“Don’t you ever go near my family” shouted Frank grabbing the front of Harrys jacket. Harry didn’t bat an eyelid. He eyed the fist which was bunching up the leather of his coat. He kept looking at it until Frank released his grip.

“Open your wallet Frank” he said calmly. Frank did and held it out. Harry took out the notes and counted €250 and looked disappointed. “Have you got more in the house?”

“No. Take this, there is a grand credit on it,” Frank said holding out the credit card. Harry laughed and refused the card with a wave of his hand.

“You must be joking. Before you know it that would be reported stolen and me nicked for using it, what do you take me for. Cash only Frank,” Harry said. He waved the little fold of notes in Franks face “This is for my time coming to find you out here in the fucking sticks. Next Friday Frank I expect you at the pub by six. Have €3456 euro with you and you will never have to see me again.”

“I thought it was €2800,” said Frank.

“Interest on interest Frank, it adds up,” said Harry stuffing the notes inside his jacket pocket. He opened the door and walked around to Franks side. Harry opened the driver’s door and leaned against the car like they were the best of friends. Harry noticed a young woman walking down the foot path towards them. She spotted Harry ogling her just as she came level with the back of the car, she gave him a filthy look and flipped him the finger. The saucy cow. She was fine looking thing with lovely perky tits. Harry wouldn’t mind bumping into her when she was a bit pissed. He watched the sexy bounce of her ass giggle its way down the road and into a house near the end of the row.
“Nice neighbours you got Frank,” Harry said. He turned his eyes away from the young girl to Frank. His face morphed into a mask of hate. “Don’t you ever put you’re fucking hand on me again,” spat Harry. “Grab the fucking door frame.”

“What?” said Frank.

“Take your hand and hold of the roof of the car,” Harry said slowly, deliberately. Frank tentatively reached up and wrapped his fingers around the edge door frame. Harry stood back “Next Friday Frank, don’t be late,” he slammed the door hard crushing Franks fingers.

Harry walked towards his car, muffled cries of agony ringing in his ears. He did not give a damn about Frank or if his fucking fingers dropped off. Harry knew his message had been received. He got behind the wheel of the black BMW. Harry could not get over the little bitch down the road, she had actually flipped him the finger, she must have balls of steel or at least a pussy of gold. He started the car and drove off without even a backward glance.

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