Sunday, 1 November 2015

Just Chill, for God's Sake.

Is it only me, or has anyone else seen noticed how aggressive the average guy (and gal) is getting, over the most ridiculous things.

For example, during mid-evening traffic the other night, a guy with a car full of kids over took a standing line of traffic, to get onto a jammed round-about. The car he was driving was at least ten years old and showed the scars of past scrapes. The guy dived towards a gap that was far too small for him to fit through, and came up short, as the gap was deliberately closed by a gold Volvo.

Now, I watched the over-taker coming up in my wing mirror, and I have to admit, the guy was driving like a complete nob. Instead of letting his arrogance annoy me, I shrugged it off, he might have had a sick kid in the car, or some other emergency. Anyway, I sat there and watched as the old red car tried to move into the space that was too small, the gold Volvo inched the gap closed a bit more. Finally the red car forced his way through and the Volvo let fly with a salvo on his horn. 

This is where things got baffling, the red car, in such a frantic hurry seconds ago, braked, and backed up! Go figure? Anyway, the window came down, and about a minute of abuse was yelled in the general direction of the gold Volvo, before a finger was flipped and the battered red car screamed away, wobbling on balding tyres. 

Road rage is one thing, but what about pizza rage?

The other night I witnessed a group of middle aged men and women, sitting drinking in a hotel bar. One woman picked up her phone and ordered a Domino's pizza to be delivered. When it arrived, a member of staff told the woman that takeaway food couldn't be consumed in the public areas of the hotel, who by the way were serving food in that area. The woman, and whole group, exploded in righteous indignation, yelling that they had every right to eat what they wanted anywhere they wanted. Instead of eating the Pizza in their room and returning to the bar, they angrily sat there, watching it go cold and trying to sneak pieces when they thought nobody was looking. 

Just two examples out of thousands that I have witnessed. 

Now, I'm the first to tell you that I'll argue for my rights, but is my whim, my right? Are bad manners taking over the world, or are these people just the tiny vocal minority? What do you think? Have you an example, or a story you'd like to share? I would love to hear it.


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