Sunday, 18 August 2013

Kid's and truth.

Talking to my friend Karie reminded me of a tiny story I felt like sharing. After the long posts of Duggie Finn this will be short and hopefully sweet.

Before I start I should tell you that I have a fairly big gap between my front teeth. I don't notice it any more but I am sure others must. Here we go!!

About a year ago a young mother came into the bar and ordered a coffee and a juice. She was accompanied by her son who would have been 5 or possibly 6. A right little man he was. You should have seen the way he hoisted himself up on a high stool and propped his elbows on the bar counter. I liked him straight away. He seemed very clever and the way he spoke with his mother was quiet grown up. I served the cup of coffee and asked the boy if he wanted ice in his juice.

"No, thank you." he said politely. I poured his drink and put it on a beer mat for him.

"My name is Sean, what's yours?" he asked, direct and innocent. Something made me want to give him a proper answer, a thing I would not bother with for most adults.

"My name is Harold but my nick name is Squid, that is what most people call me." I said wiping the counter.

"Ok" he said "What's wrong with your teeth" His mother went bright red and looked like she wanted to drop straight through the floor. I smiled. I love the honesty of kids. They call it just like they see it.

"One of my teeth grew crooked so now I have a gap." I said, enjoying this little man and his grown up manner. He thought about that for a minute before saying.

"Why don't you get them fixed. Don't you have the money?" His mother descended into the lowest depths of parental purgatory. Fair play to her she did not stop him or say he was doing anything wrong. She just threw eyes filled with apology.

I outright laughed before saying "If I got them straightened how would people recognise me?" It just came out of nowhere.  I had not planned to say that, it just, came out. The little man said no more and his mother distracted him quickly by asking him about a party they were going to later.

I like my gap, it makes me more ME!! Kids are ok too!


Lady Butterfly said...

I LOVE it!! We are who we are because we're all different. Kids call it like they see it.

The Bookwormgiraffe said...

:) I LOVE how it was a revealing moment for you too!Wonder if he would have offered you advice about how to get it done :) great post!

squid mc finnigan said...

you know he might well have been able to. He looked like a little guy full of ideas. Glad you liked it.