Saturday, 3 August 2013

Weird Dream

I had the most mental dream last night. Some of it is lost in the mist of sleep but part I remember vividly.

I was being chased by a man who was laughing like a lunatic. He was wearing a tall black top hat, billowing full length cloak and eighteen hundred's suit complete with pocket watch.  Weird but it gets worse.

He was not chasing me on foot, he was riding a massive wild black boar with curving tusks and foaming snout.

I was running, but not exactly scared. As he got closer he was trying to stab me in the back of the head with a set of deer antlers! Just then I screeched to a stop and turned. A Lugar hand gun appeared in my hand. I casually placed the mussel against his forehead and in a very calm voice said

"Not Clever"

The smile vanished from his face and he looked like a scolded school boy.

I whipped to another part of the dream and remember loading massive brass shells into the Lugar from the base of the handle working them up using the slide at the top. (I have never seen such a hand gun and don't even know if they have a slide) One shot forward too far and I remember thinking, "Now that is going to jam"

Then I was a wake. Any ideas?????

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